Chris's Drum Page

Chris is absolutely passionate about his drums which is pretty obvious when you hear the remarkable, un-mic'd live sound he gets from them. He's always chatting to other drummers at gigs so it's about time he had his own page to share his passion with all who are interested.

Here's his latest acquisition - a pretty rare, massive 26" Ludwig Bass Drum. It arrived with a chrome laminate which was soon stripped and relegated to the bin. Next job is to take it to renowned drum guru Gary Noonan to cut it down to 14" wide from it's current 16" ( just like the famous John Bonham bass drum) and recover it to match his live kit.

Here are Chris's other entries copied from the News Blog.
Santa's been early to Chris's house so last night he bought along his new toy - a rare and beautiful 1980's Ludwig Superphonic 402 (known as the 'John Bonham') chromed aluminium shell snare drum in brilliant nick. Now he won't be able to pay his gas bill or buy anything to eat for the next couple of months. The poster in the background says it all.
Chris has bought two 1960's Ludwig Tom-tom shells on ebay. He's stripped off the original covering and cleaned 'em up ready for Gary Noonan to recover them to match his No 1 gigging kit. Chris says that the 18" floor tom could double as a Bass drum on tight gigs.