Techy bit.

JOHN. 1972 Fender Precision Bass, sunburst with custom stainless scratch plate and Seymour Duncan Pickups. 1980 Fender Squire Precision Bass. 2011 Fender Squire Jazz Bass. 2012 Fender Jazz Bass. Laney 200 Bass Head. Marshall HDFX 100 watt guitar head. Marshall VBC 412 Bass cab,  Carlsboro 1 x 18 cab and Behringer 4 x 10 cab. HH SD500 amplifier. Boss Micro Rack Compressor. Boss Chorus.

NEIL. Gibson Les Paul Special, Double cutaway. PRS ‘West Street’ Santana. Gibson J185 Single cutaway acoustic. Steinberger Synapse Transcale. Steinberger Demon Transcale, 1978 Gibson RD Artist. Steinberger Spirit GT Pro. Tanglewood TW145/12 12 string Acoustic. Some guitars are fitted with Roland GK3 divided pickup. Ernie Ball Super Slinky and Extra Slinky strings. Mesa Boogie MkV with Celestion 4 x 12 cab. Mesa Boogie Nomad. 1978 Marshall 4140 ‘Town & Country 100 watt 2 x 12 Combo. Fender 2 x 12 100 watt ' Frontman' combo.  2 x 12 Stereo cab for bass side of stage. TC Electronics G-System with TC Nova-drive, Boss DS1 and MXR Distortion +. Cry Baby Wah-wah. Roland GR33 Guitar Synthesizer. Roland GR20 Guitar Synthesizer. Two JBL PRX 612M's as back line Synth amplification.

CHRIS. 1970's Ludwig thick shell eight drum kit custom recovered in Silver Pearl. 10", 12". 13", 14", 16", 18" toms. 22", 24" and 26"Bass drum. Ludwig 6 1/2" Black Pearl Snare. 1960 Ludwig Superphonic 400 snare. 14" Zildjian New Beat Hi-Hat. Zildjian 22" Constantinople ride. Zildjian 18" and 17" crash. Paiste 18” crash & ride. Pearl rack system. Yamaha stands. DW Delta 500 Bass drum pedal. Premier chimes. Restoration & customisation by Gary Noonan.  Roland TD9 Electronic Kit.

P.A. Customised 5000 watt JBL Powered system with 15” Subs. Yamaha 12 channel stereo mixer. Shure SM58 and 58a Beta mics. 

500 watt powered foldback.

A wide range of background music is available for breaks at no extra charge.

LIGHTING (If ceiling height permits) Compact DMX controlled LED and Halogen 6Kw stage show with Martin Freekie controller and special effects. 3 x 1 watt DMX Lasers. Lighting rig doesn't take any extra floor space.

LANDLORDS NOTE: ‘The Grandad’s’ equipment was chosen for the optimum balance of size, power and sound quality. Gear will be selected for each venue in accordance with available space.


We're fortunate enough (or old enough) to have our own fully insulated and soundproofed, permanent rehearsal room. In there, we each have most of our live gear duplicated so we don't have to unload the van, setup and break down equipment every time we rehearse. We first used the room for recording our website video, long before our first gig and it's since been used to record the bands of our young family members. Neil's young protégé, James Richards, recorded five Classic Rock tracks with his band, '7 CAR PILE-UP' and John's Grandson, Joe, recorded three Grunge tracks with his band 'PURR'.

Now we're recording again - this time it's yours and our favourite live tracks for a CD which we'll sell at gigs for a fiver - can't be bad!!.

The advent of high quality, digital recording technology at ridiculously low prices means that we don't need 'Abbey Road' to achieve pretty good results in our little studio. Here's the gear:

TASCAM 2488neo. 24 track Digital Recorder

YAMAHA HS80M  Near field monitors

KEF 104AB   Reference monitors

TC HELICON Voiceworks processor

TC ELECTRONIC M350 Delay / Reverb

BEHRINGER Multicom Pro  5 Channel compressor

BEHRINGER Ultragraph Pro 31 channel stereo Graphic Equaliser

DIGITECH Studio Quad  4 Channel Effects Processor

BEHRINGER  Head Amp 6  6 channel Headphone amplifier

SHURE SM78 Vocal Mic

8 x SHURE SM58 Microphones

2 x SHURE 58a BETA Microphones

iSK 6 piece Drum Microphone Kit

BOSE & SENNHEISER  Headphones  

EON 515XT 625 watt, powered PA